Menswear Guide: National Arts Festival

‘Cold’ and ‘wet’. Two words that aptly describe the weather during the National Arts Festival, held in Grahamstown every July. But the words ‘hot’, ‘humid’ and ‘windy’ do also feature. The weather changes its mind ever so often. This shouldn’t in any way deter you from still dressing well. Winter requires very smart dressing; layering without looking frumpy, warm garments that still allow your body to breathe and spicing up the common winter fashion trends. We’ve compiled a guide to illustrate looks you could possibly replicate whilst at the fest, without sacrificing your warmth.

• What is winter without jackets and coats? A slim fitting trench coat, with cuffs that end just at the wrists and shoulder pads that subtly suggest broader shoulders will do the trick.

• Wide brim fedoras are in. Blame the hipsters or Pharrell, but this simple accessory elevates any look to chic.

• Winter allows you to play around with accessories. Chunky scarves, leather gloves, boots and intricate pocket squares, etc.

• Neutrals and blue are great colours to work with. Think winter whites, monotone camel, black and primary couloured accessories. Neutrals lay a solid foundation to any look.

• When layering, don’t be afraid of having a larger looking torso, and skinnier looking bottom. This aesthetic is appropriate. Avoid baggy pants, and stick to slim or skinny cut pants.

• Winter textures are the more interesting and tactile. These include mohair, felt, corduroy (yes, corduroy), knits, faux fur and velvet. Be careful of having too many textures in one look. Find fabrics that contrast or complement each other well, taking into consideration tones, patterns and shapes.

Tiger Maremela

Images: Ella Austen | An Unknown Quantity | Men In This Town | Mode Hunter | Mr Tuft | On the Corner | The NYC Streets | Wimiry | Stuurman Style Diary.


Menswear With Tiger | Trend Alert | Capes

Capes were common in medieval times and have continued to make a comeback every few years. The intended function, of shielding onself from cold and harsh weather, has since been replaced with the visual function of looking good. In the Victorian age, capes were made in darker hues - think black, grey and darker shades of blue and brown. The more detailed options included fur-lined necks and simple paisley motifs for the inner lining. This season, designers created capes that stylish gentlemen everywhere could wear, as they go about living their lives. Auslander and Joao Pimenta opted for white capes, the former being floor length and the latter being a knee-length version. Belstaff’s cape had a geometric influence in its design, and followed a ‘hard grunge’ route. Ellus went back in time and came back with a more classical blue-grey knee-length cape with multiple pockets paired with trousers in the same colour. Amapo attempted a trendy and fresh arrangement – creating a cape-cardigan garment, stitching leather patches on it and pairing it with a crisp white shirt for a monochromatic look.

Tiger Maremela

Images : Pinterest


                                                                                             FlexBoogie: Unplugged

                                                                                             Words by Tiger Maremela
                                                                                      Images by Niamh Walsh-Vorster


FlexBoogie isn’t a typical rapper. Forget the gold chains, the sagged pants, or sexist lyrics. He considers himself to be a conscious rapper. One that aims to make ‘feel good’ music that he can be proud of, even in years to come.

 FlexBoogie, real name Hakim Anderson, cites his parents as having had the largest influence on his music. He grew up in a household where both his parents were musicians and artists in some form. He recalls having 80s gospel, traditional folk, funk and rock as being part of the soundtrack of his upbringing. These diverse genres are apparent in his music. Elements of jazz and funk are infused into his upbeat version of gritty hip hop. His history with hip hop began when he was introduced to the Detroit sub-genre. He felt a connection with how artists of this genre used disco music and heavy baselines to assist in their musical narration. His keen fascination with the baseline is one he has not let go of, even incorporating it into his music now.

 ‘I don’t have a general creative process.’ says the rather introspective musician. ‘Ideas just hit, and I follow.’ he adds. His preference of writing and brainstorming in the studio is supported by his team of producers and engineers. FlexBoogie writes his own music and for other artists. He mentions that the act of writing for other musicians is one that is shunned by many rappers. According to him, rappers tend to be very selfish and will choose to keep some of their best lyrics for themselves. He disagrees with this notion as he feels that this limits the rappers. After spending a mere weekend chatting with him, it is easy to see that FlexBoogie has a few grievances with the hip hop industry. He brings up diverse issues relating to the politics of hip hop, from the lack of transparency in certain rappers and the misogyny that the genre is so closely related to. He identifies with being regarded as a feminist rapper. As a father, and son, he is conscious of how his lyrics affect women and children.

 Seeing FlexBoogie perform is quite an overwhelming experience. From start to finish, his enthusiasm and energy takes over, leading him into a trance of sorts. His audiences always absorb his stage presence, leaving them dumbfounded and lost for words. His introduction to his sets always begins with stating that he is an entertainer, and he does exactly that. He entertains and engages with the audience. He loses himself to his music, to the extent where he doesn’t even remember jumping onto speakers and tables.

 This zealous artist mentions that he is at a point where he does not feel a need to prove himself to other artists any more. He has paid his dues, and will go about producing the type of music he chooses to create. When asked if he had any advice to up and coming artists, he had a simple message; no manager can do a better job than you can. He encourages artists to be innovative and attempt to create a name for themselves, and not wait for opportunities to come to them.



If you’re wondering when his album, The Greatest Sellout, will be released then be patient. FlexBoogie is still secretive about the release date, but in the meantime check out his Soundcloud account here.


A weekend with Flex.

Images by Tiger Maremela

From left to right;[1-4] Flexboogie performing on Friday the 25th of April, 2014  at Champs Action Bar, as part of the Blah ze Blah x New Folder Music sessions.
[5+6] FlexBoogie having brunch at Mad Hatters in Grahamstown, Saturday 26th of April.
[7+8] Behind the scenes footage of FlexBoogie’s photo shoot and interview (Sunday the 27th of April, 2014).


Menswear With Tiger | Trend Alert A/W 14: Camel

Trend forecasters predicted that the colour camel would be a big hit this autumn/winter fashion season. True to form, it was. Various alternatives on how to incorporate this colour into your wardrobe were offered. Some looked effortless and others should only be tried by the daring. 3.1 Phillip Lim paired tight camel leather pants with a darker brown turtleneck. Berluti had a sleek camel overcoat with a wide lapel, and a chunky belt attached. Ellus designed a leather dungaree and finished the look off with a brown suede shirt and worker boots. Ephymol, Corneliani, and Antonio Marras all showed Italian-cut camel suits. As the colour is neutral, it will work well with other neutrals such as black, white and grey. Pairing it with bolder accessories lifts the colour from boring to chic.

Tiger Maremela

Images: Pinterest.


Menswear With Tiger | Street Etiquette

Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi form the duo Street Etiquette, an entity that sets to showcase style from perspectives that are cultural and historical yet still urban. A project of theirs aptly titled The Black Ivy explored fashion in this cultural and historical context and inspired the college-prep trend that is still visible on the streets. Their extensive traveling has allowed them to effectively produce a founded opinion on menswear and fashion. Vogue Italia hailed the two as single-handedly changing the world’s perception of urban street wear. Both with a very dapper outlook on style, the two have very deep interests in vintage clothing. Their most recent project, Slumflower, is a photo editorial and short film. It looks at tailored silhouettes for men, but more specifically the men from the more rural areas of New York City. The duo aims to discuss social and cultural constructs through the use of clothing and photography. For them, it is not only about fashion, but the types of messages we are able to convey through it.

 Tiger Maremela



Menswear With Tiger | Clean Up Your Act

The modern gentleman pays a lot of attention and money towards looking good. It is however where he stores his clothes that is of as much importance. Gone are the days of picking up ensembles from the floor or running around frantically searching for a missing shoe. Stepping out into the world with a creased white shirt counters the effect of looking clean and dapper. Keeping your wardrobe sorted and clean is neither a difficult nor an expensive feat.

The first place to start off is your wardrobe. Some may have larger wardrobes that others but the principles remain the same. If you find your wardrobe to be in excess of too many garments, you may want to get rid of some them. Consider donating to a preferred charity, or selling them at a second hand store. Only hang items that necessarily need to be hung, these include shirts, formal wear, outer wear, and trousers (clip trouser hangers work best). All your other items, including t-shirts and knits, can be folded and arranged by colour, brand or material. The shoe rack is also as pivotal. Being able to see your available shoe options makes co-coordinating an outfit much easier.

Once all of this has been done, you might even realise that you have more wardrobe space than you bargained for. Feel a shopping spree coming along?

Tiger Maremela

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