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The Model Series - Sylvester Ulv Henriksen

Credits, from left to right: Damien Blottiere for Candy Magazine, Adele Cany for Fiasco Magazine, Jean Baptiste Mondino for Numero Homme, Nicolas Coulombo for Novembre Magazine, Matthew Brookes for Numero Homme China, Rory Payne for Re-bel Magazine, Tom Bettes for The Ones 2 Watch, and Sy Delorme for Fucking Young!.

My Hair Story

Friday 21st February 2014

My mother always had one strict rule when it came to my hair – I had to wear it short for school, but I could do whatever I wanted during the holidays. This rule would remain the same for as long as I lived under her roof, and attended my conservative high school. This however, does not mean my hair has not had its fair share of drama. Looking back at it now, I am amazed by how much my scalp has gone through.

Every time holidays swung around, the grand trip to the hair salon would be made in search of the most elaborate hairstyle that the neighbourhood had ever seen. Like the time I tried the sticky s-curl ‘n fade that left residue on taxi windows or the pillows on our couch, or when I grew my hair into short dreadlocks using that green sunlight bar that our grandmothers like so much. There was another time when Chris Brown was still largely popular, and he had all sorts of lines drawn onto his head using clippers, and without a doubt I thought it looked super cool. You can imagine the shock on my mother’s face when I swaggered back into the house, my head freshly trimmed, with a massive Star of David shaved onto the side of my head.

Over the years, I have developed a serious connection with the barber I use back home. Even though he’s done a terrible job a few times, I still trust him completely with my hair. He’s a rather misunderstood character who insists on being unique. Once when I had to colour my hair back to black, he used the leftover hair dye to paint his nails. According to him, the hair dye lasts longer than nail polish. He is the same barber that wrote my name on the side of my head using hair clippers but unfortunately misspelt it. The very same barber who has given me life lessons that really aren’t necessary – like the best way to pick a lock, or how to effectively sabotage the government. We all have that barber or hairstylist that we owe some of our best and worst hairdos to.

In the last two months I have gone from having a bright yellow hi-top, to a grungy black hi fade, and then my hair started making this strange transition to a dirty brown colour. I suppose it had that boho-chic/homesless begger look that the fashion world seems to enjoy. The only problem with chopping and changing my hairstyle was that my hair recently started falling off, which led to me chopping it all off. My hair grows rather quickly, so a few months from now you might spot me rocking an aqua blue/ox blood red crown on my head.

My hair story literally revolves around experimenting. I use the word literally very liberally because once when I was 12, my sister and her friends used four different relaxer creams on my head to see which was the best. They all produced different results, and for 3 days I walked around with a wet cat/African safari-looking hairstyle. When friends ask me for tips on what to do with their hair I give them the same advice I received from my barber years ago – do whatever you want. Hair always grows back, eventually.


I took part in a feature called ‘We are Perfect! We are Human!’ with a photography company called Wonder Warx and that’s where the picture with my yellow hair comes from. See more here.

Collaboration Review: Senhor Prudencio x Laura Mendes

Both hailing from Portugal, the brand Senhor Prudencio and illustrator Laura Mendes came together in 2013 to produce a collection of 3 pieces that met their criteria - inventiveness and relevance. The collection, titled Guri Limit.ed, is the first special edition of footwear and accessories designed by Senhor Prudencio.

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  • Collaboration Review: Damien Hirst x Alexander McQueen

    2013 marked the 10 year anniversary of Alexander McQueen’s skull scarf and to celebrate, the house collaborated with English artist Damien Hirst. Together they created 30 designs of printed scarfs that were adapted from Hirst’s Entomology series. Many of the scarfs were kaleidoscopes of insects that formed various geometric shapes, and some formed the iconic McQueen skull. The collection displays each artist’s signature styles whilst still being able to effectively combine their aesthetics.

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  • 20th Feb 2014 / 2 notes

    laughter. light


    [Shot by Myself]

    Models: Ayanda Mbonani and Poppy-Tom Mpepo

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  • 19th Feb 2014 / 2 notes

    The Model Series - Corey Baptiste


    Credits, from left to right: Christian Ferretti, Craig McDean, Damian Foxe, Balvaro Beamud Cortes, Jonathan Frantini, Mariano Vivanco, Matteo Zini, Neil Gavin and Tony Kim.

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    What is PSALTF?

    Tuesday 11th February 2014

    PSALTF (pronounced ‘salt’, and is an acronym for Photography, Street style, Art, Literature, Trends and Fashion) is a lifestyle blog that explores contemporary art. The site curates and creates content that is loosely related, but not limited, to modern art and design in all forms, varying from fashion to multimedia art.

    Founded in 2013, then called LIGHTXTIGER, the blog has always intended to delve into a fascination of art and fashion. Whether this was through analysing trends or sharing art, this has always been a platform to show my inspiration to whoever cared to read. The idea of light in the form of inspiration and creativity has always been an apparent one throughout the blog, and mainly in the poetry shared through the blog. This has always been an attempt to shine light as brightly as possible. Months later, the focus started shifting towards menswear. This included reviews of fashion houses and their work, a few how-to guides on how to wear seasonal trends, and street style photosets that showed how men from around the world expressed their love of style and fashion. The choice to specifically look at menswear was an easy one, not only because of personal reasons, but because of the minimal in-depth coverage of men’s fashion. The media is largely saturated by a plethora of women’s wear related blogs, but very few have undertaken to celebrate men’s fashion in its entirety.The further amalgamation of photography, art and pop culture related content was organic.

    What sets PSALTF apart from the rest is its interest not only in the complete product, such as the final canvas, photograph or finished garment, but the creative mind behind the results. LIGHTXTIGER was about showing what inspired me artistically, and PSALTF intends to investigate what inspires others, aesthetically and stylistically too.

    The concept of a ‘contemporary art blog’ ensures that the blog is not merely limited to fashion and literature, but rather modern art as a whole. The type of content released is created with the intention of being timeless; with the hopes that it creates engaging and critical information that will not be found irrelevant within a matter of weeks. PSALTF prides itself on its composition of a distinct perspective of the modern art world, the minds that live in it and the privileged audience that experiences it.

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